Only Cowards Fear the Corn of Battle

Tonight we killed Odyn. It was nice to return from our holiday break and bonk over a boss. Odyn has had it coming for awhile now.  He’s a long, tiring, fight which is—all bright yellow and orange for some reason. Bliz, please stop trying to blind us. Great job everyone.

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Xavius Defeated…Anti-Climactically

Our Sunday raid was destined for greatness. Everyone prepared as best they could for a quick Xavius kill and some fun in ToV. Unfortunately basement dwelling  losers had other plans and our efforts were sabotaged by ddos attacks which rendered about a quarter of raiders unable to play. After our holiday break and well-earned Cenarius kill, we wanted badly to dance in and poke over Xavius. It was deeply unsatisfying and demoralizing to end the week on a ddos attack. To that end, we called for a super rare, extra monday raid night. We don’t like calling for  spare raid nights however there was sufficient interest to enable us to raid tonight. We’re very grateful to everyone who put in the extra time tonight so that we could finish the week on a high note. Xavius was a total joke and it was great to kill him.


See you next week, Sheepies

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We killed Cenarius!!

Wooooo we killed Cenarius tonight. It got a little bit scary as the night wore on, but we scored a classic “last attempt kill.” Way to go, everyone!




Here’s a placeholder doodle…Really, Curoar deserved to be here for the kill though…


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Playing around in Trial of Valor

Tonight we hopped into Trial of Valor and poked over Odyn and Gaurm before finishing up our Mythic EN farm. It was fun checking out a new raid…and getting a kill while our illustrious leader was dealing with car trouble. See you next week, sheep!

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We beat the Tree!!

I’m very pleased to announce that tonight we defeated Mythic Tree. We had to fight hard for this one. We knew it would take some time to get Tree down  and we had to go through a series of iterations in order to get ourselves to a kill. We edged closer one adjustment at a time until everything came together like magic and we had a near-perfect pull. Excellent job, all!

This kill was definitely worthy of some goofy art, so behold–my rendition of the esheep experience plus one bonus picture.

The esheep experience

The esheep experience


...and a bonus for you too.

…and a bonus for you too.


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Oh Yeah, Ursoc

Sorry all– I’ve been meaning to post this latest, greatest, masterpiece. Sometime ago we killed Ursoc…here’s a gorgeous masterpiece to commemorate it. We’ve been working on Ursoc for a night at this point so hopefully that will go up soon too! barrrrrrr2

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Dragons Dead

dragonsAfter some strategy tweaks with our team all back to normal, we knocked over dragons quickly with plenty of time to spare. We’re hoping to get Ursoc next time!



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Mythic Progress

Tonight we pulled it together and killed Mythic Renferal. It’s been a rough two weeks for us: a crazy string of significant RL events struck down many of our most dependable raiders leaving us practicing with suboptimal teams. Although these challenges undoubtedly added extra attempts to our kill, we still managed to do it and everyone involved should be commended. Onward to Dragons~

P.S. – I realized my Nythendra kill post uh never posted. She’s also dead. In case you didn’t guess.

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Heroic Down in One Week

Our first “last attempt” kill of the expansion! Woo– Tonight we finished up heroic Emerald Nightmare and killed Xavius. This is a testament to the strength of our guild this time around. Historically, esheep has struggled in fresh expacs due to our commitment to a limited raiding schedule. This time, everyone was extremely dedicated out of the gate and it paid off in spades. Legion is looking bright! Look out Mythic, here we come.xavius-defeated

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Heroic Cenarius Down

Cenarius was a big step up from the previous 5 bosses. We spent the whole night getting him down, but we managed to do it.  Our goal for the week was to get through Heroic Cenarius so it’s exciting that we killed him with a night to spare. We’ll be spending all of Sunday on Xavius. Get ready!

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