Siege of Orgrimmar Achievement Night!

Because our just-for-fun raid was so enjoyable, we’re hosting a Siege of Orgrimmar achieve-a-thon on Wednesday, 10/23. It’s up on the calendar! Please sign up so that we can gauge interest.


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Siege of Orgrimmar 6.0 Raid!

Hey Everyone,

We’re running a Siege of Orgrimmar raid just for the heck of it on Wednesday 10/15/14. Everyone is welcome! I threw up a calendar invite for the heck of it, but feel free to just show up. I hope to see some of you then!

Kerias even provided us with some art for the raid! Now it is official…

Courtesy of Kerias

Courtesy of Kerias


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WoD is Coming…

Hey Sheepers,

As we approach 6.0 and Warlords release, please check the forums every once in awhile for general updates and mythic raiding plans! We’ll be using the forums to make important announcements in the coming weeks.

I look forward to working with you all again soon-



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Esheep Finished with Raiding Until WoD

Tonight we completed our final clear of Siege and have begun our inter-expansion raid vacation. Enjoy a relaxing break! Check the forums for information regarding the 10-man group that will be continuing between the expansion, as well as other updates. Please be sure to swing by as we approach WoD for details regarding the beginning of our next raiding cycle.

We’ll miss everyone who is taking this time to retire from the game; it won’t be the same without you. I look forward to seeing our returning crew following the break.   I’m so proud of all that we accomplished this expac. It’s been a blast, team.


If you are a potential applicant, be advised that we are considering members for WoD raiding. Feel free to put in your application. We cannot trial you before we begin raiding in WoD, however we’d be happy to chat and share information.

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Garrosh Splatscream

garrosh ss

Tsilyi’s Haiku Corner

Tonight we found out
Jade Temple wasn’t the whole
fight, and then we won!

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Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi Splatted

We’ve made steady Paragons progress since the  beginning and our work paid off with an early kill tonight. Our first Paragons kill was gloriously clean and a true testament to our careful planning and the tweaks we’ve been making since the beginning.  Once again great job sheep.

I don't like MSpainting humanoids. And doing nine was too many. I rushed...a little.

I don’t like MSpainting humanoids. And doing nine was too many. I rushed…a little.

Tsilyi prepared another Haiku for us!

Tsilyi’s Haiku Corner
Dear Blizzard, I asked
for a heroic raid boss
not a MENSA test!

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Heroic Blackfuse um….

Tonight we defeated Heroic Blackfuse. Very quickly. I had not anticipated the nerfs to be quite as massive as they were. Jeez. Poor Blackfuse toppled over and I don’t even have lazy MSpaint art ready! Onward to Paragons!

I might have been slacking on my artistic duties, but Tsilyi leaped back in to fill the void. Behold! The return of…….

Tsilyi’s Haiku Corner

I heard you like mines.
Hey! You’re gonna pay for that!
A labor of love.


UPDATE: I rushed out this picture. Keep in mind, there was so much more that I wanted to put on here that I didn’t have space for. Pretty much everyone did something at some point worthy of art… Here ya go! More derp-art from Ako:



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I typically do not make farm-related victory posts but…

Our clear this week was fantastic. Yesterday, we one-shotted  every single boss and ended raid a half hour early after crushing Spoils. We might have tackled Thok had our comp permitted, but it turned out not to be an issue! Tonight we entered raid and kicked Thok over in one go as well. Our efforts earned us a ton of time to work on Blackfuse this week. We made some amazing progress tonight: We had a sub-50% attempt and we’re still relatively new to the fight. Let’s keep up the good work and turn the heat up on Blackfuse on Sunday!



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Upgrades Spreadsheet

Hey Sheepers-

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Enchantrix is a wonderful guy. He has created a loot tracking spreadsheet that we can employ to gauge guild gear needs for our farm bosses. It will be one tool that the officers can utilize when plotting our progression/raid plan going forward. Please follow the instructions and input your gear needs into the spreadsheet so that we can take them into consideration as we make our decisions in the coming weeks.

Click here for spreadsheet glory:

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End of December & Jan 1 Raid Sign Ups

Hey Everybody-

Appears as though a lot of us are very busy as the end of the month approaches and, compounding the issue, an additional group of members are suffering from various flavors of computer implosion and internet woe. As a result, an unusually high number of  raid members have flagged unavailable for the week leading up to our brief winter holiday reprieve. It’s therefore incumbent upon the rest of us to pick up the slack and continue slogging ahead until our numbers recover. Bearing that in mind, there are a few things everyone will need to do to ensure we continue to operate smoothly:

-> Continue signing up and posting out early and updating if anything changes. We’ve been doing MUCH better with this lately, and I’m deeply appreciative.  Please look ahead to the week following our Christmas break days and make sure to stick your name down. It is all too easy to disconnect from game for a week and neglect to manage your sign ups for subsequent weeks. After the break we’re going to be playing catch up, so we need those nights to be strong!  Help us do that by getting your name down there as available or unavailable. Pay particularly close attention to our Monday make up raid night and Jan 1, both of which could be tight for sign ups.

-> If you are a a borderline case and you might be able to raid, but you’re not certain, please make sure that the officers or a member friend have a way to get a hold of you. It’s quite likely that we’ll need substitutes for at least some of these nights and if there is a chance that you’ll end up with time to raid either for the whole night or become available mid-raid, it would be great to be able to contact you. Many of our core raiders have already passed along contact information. If you have not done so, please consider PMing or whispering your information to me. If you’d feel better having a trusted friend hold the info rather than an officer–that’s OK. I completely respect your right to privacy. Consider letting us know which raider has the information so that we can “phone chain” our way to you if need be.  Similarly, if you’d rather I hold it on my own and not share with the other officers, I can do that. You can also let me know if you have a preferred method of communication (Call vs Text vs Teleportation).

-> With sign ups as tight as they are this week, remember that we’re counting on you. If you are confirmed for raid, that means we really need for you to show up on time. ZOMGing out and keeping us abreast of your situation is a guild policy and common courtesy, but it’s especially critical right now. If something happens to delay you, we really need to know. Make sure that you have a way to reach out to us in the event of a ZOMG scenario. Even one ZOMG could change our plans for a given evening, and so it is imperative that we know your situation as soon as we possibly can.

If we all do our parts, we should be able to stumble through the holidays and  come back strong again in January, but we need your help to do it. Please respect the team and help keep us chugging.

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