Star Auger Defeated

Well, Bliz really didn’t want us to get this one. They even took down the server to stop us! We had some great attempts on Star Auger on Sunday and we were well set up for success tonight. Fortunately Star Auger went down quickly even after our late start affording us the opportunity to start working on Ellisande. We’re coming down to the end tier and hoping to at least take a shot at Gul’dan before it’s over!

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Tichondrius Banished

Whelp, we downed Tichondrius. Post-nerf, he wasn’t so bad and it was satisfying to kick him down fast. Once we got through the first phase, the rest came together very quickly. Great job, everyone!

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Krosus Toppled

Whelp, after our quickie kill on Aluriel last week, we made our way back to Krosus. We had put in some attempts on him earlier in the tier without luck. After the recent nerfs/player buffs he went down hard — 7 attempts. That was funny. We had time for handful of attempts on Tichondrius and our strategy is rapidly coming together for him as well. Hopefully we’ll see him dead next week too!

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Spellblade Down

Well, given the slog that Botanist was, it was a pleasant surprise to smack Aluriel in one night. That was fun!

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Botanist Defeated!

Last night we had the pleasure of finally smacking down Botanist. Thanks to everyone for putting in the hours and effort required to put this one away. Good job team!

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Trilliax Cleaned Up

Tonight we killed Trilliax. He went down pretty quickly once we knocked out the kinks in our strategy. It’s going to be an uphill climb from here though. Krosus is next on the agenda; it’s going to hurt!

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Chronomatic Anomaly Defeated

Chronomatic Anomaly was a significant step up over Skorpyron in terms of difficulty. After some suggestions and tactical adjustments, we made steady progress and bonked him over.

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Skorpyron Dead

On our first night tinkering around in Mythic, we downed Skorpyron easily within an hour. I guess bliz went easy on us this time. After Gul’dan, it felt nice to just bop something over.

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Kicking off Nighthold!

Sorry for the late update! We’ve kicked off Nighthold and are just starting to explore it. We’ve done a couple of Normal clears just to scoop up some gear and see the fights and have progressed through 8/10 on heroic. We’re looking forward to tackling Elisande on Sunday!

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Guarm Died

Well, that was interesting.¬†Guarm is a very frustrating fight. He’s a boring punching bag with a mechanic which requires an addon. We spent a few hours wiping to addon failures and then all of the sudden we ….crushed him, 100% smooth.

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