Socrethar Down

We wrecked Socrethar and came close to getting Fel Lord Zakuun. We’ll be back next week!

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Night Two in HFC

Tonight we downed Gorefiend and Shadow-Lord Iskar. We had to battle disconnects and latency woes throughout the evening and we’re very proud to have gotten these kills. They would have been respectable downs no matter what and it’s great that we made solid progress given these challenges. We’ll be back in there and kicking butt tomorrow.

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Our First Foray into HFC Heroic!

Tonight we began HFC in earnest and kicked over the first few bosses without much challenge.  We squished Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormok, Kilrogg, and Council in short order. It was a productive first night, and we’re looking forward to flattening a few more bosses tomorrow.


Go Sheep!

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Iron Maidens Defeated

We snuck in our Iron Maidens kill just before the patch. This was one of those fights where we could have won at any time in our last six or so hours of attempts; we just needed the right ome for everything to come together. Great job keeping focus throughout our nights on this one, sheepers.


Why do the  Iron Maidens have facial hair?...Ask Alayne.

Why do the Iron Maidens have facial hair?…Ask Alayne.

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We Beat Imperator!

We worked hard and toppled Imperator/Cho’gall tonight. Our team was on point tonight. Our early attempts were deep and we made steady progress. On our second phase 4 attempt, we cruised on through to the finish. Great job, everyone!




Manstus created a comic to commemorate our kill as well! Check it out–

Manstus Mar'gok Comic

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Operator Thogar Defeated

Tonight we defeated Operator Thogar after a number of very solid, progressively better, attempts. It really felt as though we earned this one. When we  got the kill the team held steady all throughout and victory was almost anticlimactic–still exciting though!


Great night, everyone.

Operator Thogar can't beat this

Operator Thogar can’t beat this

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Kromog!—And some other stuff happened

Tonight we downed Kromog! For the past month, I’ve been out of commission travelling and alas our poor splash page has gone without updates. In my absence, Esheep demolished several bosses– Gruul, that wolf lady, and Hans und Frans. Splendid work everyone. We’re coming into the tail end of the instance now!

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Oregorger and Darmac

Tonight we exploded both Darmac and Oregorger. After our extended effort on Hans and Frans, it felt great to stomp through two bosses so quickly. I’m incredibly proud of how fast our team came together to get these bosses down.  We really earned these ones. Great job!


I’ll miss you guys while I’m travelling next month, and look forward to hear about your continued progress. Go get’m, sheep!



Esheep Vs Darmac and Oregorger

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Spring Cleaning in Highmaul

Tonight we knew we were going to have some major absences in our healing team; Kerias and Capra were taken out by real life. We took advantage of the situation to go back and mess around in Highmaul. We kicked over Tectus and Ko’ragh easily with extra time to dump into Hans and Frans attempts. Great job on a wacky night!

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Blackhand Defeated

Tonight I’m happy to announce that we defeated Heroic Blackhand. This was not an easy one, and took a substantial amount of focus and effort. Everyone toughed it out through the whole night and continued to put in their best effort right up until the kill. It can be easy to lose focus when you’re two full nights into progression on a boss. We made steady progress right up to a clean kill. Everyone should be proud of the work they did.
Way to go, Sheepers! On to Mythic Hans and Frans!

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