Mythic Brackenspore Defeated!

Wooooo! I’m excited to announce that Mythic Brackenspore has been defeated. After 3 nights on Brackenspore we pulled out a relatively clean kill. This is a challenging encounter and we should be proud to have gotten it down as quickly as we did. Wonderful job, Sheepers. Let’s keep up the good work!

In other news: KELASHA is up in the Electric Chair this week! Be sure to drop in and ask questions. That’s not the only exciting thing on the forums either. We’re voting on how to correctly pronounce Chadiu’s name! There is a poll up and everything. Go vote!

No, I can't draw  Worgen.

No, I can’t draw Worgen.

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Progress on Brackenspore and Revival of the Electric Chair!

Tonight we began work in earnest on Mythic Brackenspore. This one is going to be a long, slow, slog, but we made some good progress. We had a bit of difficulty with split mushrooms and being forced to run all around waves, but overall progress was good. Better luck next time!

We’ve also restarted the Electric Chair!! First on the revived Electric Chair is DRAIDON! Head over to the forums and ask Draidon anything! Let’s make these chairs even better than the last.

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We Fighted’m Back

After some minor strategy adjustments, we stomped Twin Ogron relatively early in the evening. Excellent work, everyone!

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First Mythic Down

On Sunday night we killed our first Mythic encounter of the expansion, Kargath Bladefist. It wasn’t very challenging, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun! We’ve begun progression on Twin Ogron; if you haven’t had the chance, be sure to look him up. Be mindful that we’re on a holiday raiding schedule for the next few weeks. Check the calendar carefully and double-check raid nights against your holiday plans. We have a SPECIAL OPTIONAL raid on December 30 where we hope to get down some farm content to buy us progression time during the holidays. This raid is optional; as such, attendance won’t be tracked, and neither will esp. Please sign up if you’re interested so that we know whether we’ll have enough to pull it off.


Happy Holidays, Sheepers!

It's occurred to me how rough this fight is for trees...

It’s occurred to me how rough this fight is for trees…

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Dead Heroic Imperator Mar’gok

Tonight we cleaned up heroic Highmaul and smushed Imperator. There had better be some props in the thread, guys!

Looking forward to Mythic on Sunday! :D

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A Few More Dead Bosses

Just a quick update! We easily kicked over Heroic Butcher, Heroic Tectus, Heroic Brackenspore, and Heroic Twin Ogron. I haven’t had the time to sit down and write a meaningful post or make art, but these kills are to be celebrated!

Great job, team!

UPDATE: I’ve been far too exhausted to draw this week…the best I could come up with was a colorless 1 minute doodle. ARLEE came to the rescue and colored the picture in! Teamwork ftw.

Team Art!

Team Art!

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Butcher Butchered… Too corny?

Tonight we scooted back over to normal-heroic-whatever-it-is-now-mode and killed Butcher. Next week we’ll be back in there and plowing ahead. See you then, Sheepies!

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Official Raiding Begins!

Last night we stepped into lag-and-crash-free Highmaul for the first time this expansion. The mood was upbeat and relaxed as we poked around in the newest raid content. After killing Kargath, we opted to swap to Normal mode and quickly dispatched the first half of the instance to scrape up some gear and prepare to push progression. We’d hoped to do our casual normal mode run on Tuesday, but that goal was torpedoed by incredible server instability that lasted up until our raid end time*. We’re excited that our server has apparently been restored so that we can plow on to the meat of this content in the coming days. Go Sheep!

*It’s worth noting that we did kill Kargath normal on Tuesday in a hilarious event at the very end of our night that involved a full-time-accidental-Moonkin tank and half of our planned raid. Thanks for the laughs, Bliz!

Moonfire spam is still annoying

Moonfire spam is still annoying

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Raids Kicking Off Tonight! SHEEPCRET SANTA!

Hey Everyone,
Tonight is the first night of Esheep semi-official raiding! Granted, the real raid is Wednesday, but our just-for-fun casual raid this evening will hopefully whet our appetites for “real” raiding later in the week.

Now it’s time for some shameless plugs…. As you prepare for raiding tonight, consider taking a peek at my Highmaul Quiz! The thread with the quiz is available here:  and the quiz itself is here:  I find that making the quizzes helps me remember the information better and I’ve been told that they have been helpful to others too. If you’re interested, have at it!

It’s not all work and no play here in Esheep. It’s December again, and once more we’re hosting an Esheep Sheepcret Santa event. If you like giving and receiving presents, please opt in by WEDNESDAY 12/10! Details are available here:

I hope many of you will choose to participate.

See you tonight, Sheepers-

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games



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Optional Highmaul Normal (Previously Flex) Raids!

Hi All-

As was the case in MoP, we will be hosting optional Highmaul Normal (previously Flex) raids on Tuesdays at the start of this tier. Attendance won’t be tracked for these events and ESP won’t be calculated however we strongly encourage all members to sign up if they’re able to do so. The faster we gear up and gain experience, the more quickly we’ll be able to delve into more challenging and engaging raid content. I’ve posted the first two Tuesday Normal-Highmaul events on the calendar for December 2 and December 9. More may be added if there is continued demand.

I hope to see most of you there!


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