Dragons Dead

After some strategy tweaks with our team all back to normal, we knocked over dragons quickly with plenty of time to spare. We’re hoping to get Ursoc next time!



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Mythic Progress

Tonight we pulled it together and killed Mythic Renferal. It’s been a rough two weeks for us: a crazy string of significant RL events struck down many of our most dependable raiders leaving us practicing with suboptimal teams. Although these challenges undoubtedly added extra attempts to our kill, we still managed to do it and everyone involved should be commended. Onward to Dragons~

P.S. – I realized my Nythendra kill post uh never posted. She’s also dead. In case you didn’t guess.

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Heroic Down in One Week

Our first “last attempt” kill of the expansion! Woo– Tonight we finished up heroic Emerald Nightmare and killed Xavius. This is a testament to the strength of our guild this time around. Historically, esheep has struggled in fresh expacs due to our commitment to a limited raiding schedule. This time, everyone was extremely dedicated out of the gate and it paid off in spades. Legion is looking bright! Look out Mythic, here we come.xavius-defeated

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Heroic Cenarius Down

Cenarius was a big step up from the previous 5 bosses. We spent the whole night getting him down, but we managed to do it.  Our goal for the week was to get through Heroic Cenarius so it’s exciting that we killed him with a night to spare. We’ll be spending all of Sunday on Xavius. Get ready!

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Enter the Nightmare

Tonight we opened up official Legion with an easy sweep of the first four heroic bosses. We killed Elerethe too but we aren’t going to talk about that one. We were so strong that a potion managed to solo Ursoc all on it’s own. Our practice skate through normal modes in our optional Tuesday prepared us well and we’re well positioned to continue our progress tomorrow. Way to go, Sheep!


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Legion Raiding is Coming…

Right now, at this very moment, dozens of sheep raiders and friends of raiders are levelling, grinding artifact power, running mythic dungeons, crafting, pet battling, questing, and finding treasures. The guild has jolted out of it’s slumber in a frenzy of new expac activity. We’re seeing huge numbers of our players active during peek hours (and sometimes ridiculous hours)– easily the most we’ve seen in years. Coming out of an expansion that killed hundreds of guilds, it’s wonderful to see Sheep looking stronger than ever for Legion.

While you’re having fun out there, raiders please remember  to check the forums for expectations for raiding. Things are a little bit different this time around and it will be important for everyone to get the skinny. Set up your discord too! We’ve decided to permanently swap over. Instructions for set up are available on the forums and we regularly have folks hanging out in chat looking to socialize and murder legion-flavored monsters.

See you in raid soon…!

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WoD is DONE!

Tonight we finished farming mounts for our entire raid team. We relied on our entire team to continue showing up for months in order to earn a mount for everyone, and I’m proud to say that we succeeded. Reiigh nabbed the last mount of the expansion in spite of Dibbler’s effort to foil us (we all agreed to remember that part.). Congratulations, team and well done! We finished out the tier strong, and I’m excited to start the next expansion with you all.


Mount GogoGogo

Circle of Sheep

See you in Legion!

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Belated Ten Year Celebration; Still Destroying Archimonde and Making a Killing

In the weeks since defeating Archimonde, Electric Sheep has continued to prosper. We’ve been selling moose runs and, more recently the first nine bosses of Mythic on a weekly basis to generate revenue to help begin Legion strong. In addition, we’ve earned quite a few mythic mounts for our members and plan to continue until everyone has acquired one. Everyone has done an amazing job this tier and it’s looking like we’re going to begin Legion strong. Keep up the great work Sheepers!

This winter, Esheep celebrated it’s 10th year. Although it’s a bit late, I wanted to celebrate this significant anniversary and closing out an awesome tier with a much-demanded picture. I’ve drawn a picture featuring all of our current raiders. The last time I did this was back in Cataclysm and I’ve received frequent redraw requests ever since. So, here you go Sheep. Check out the forums for a related contest and a shot at a 10k gold!

guild portrait1



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And that’s the tier!

Archimonde Esheep w Title

Tonight we defeated mythic ARCHIMONDE! The kill itself was quite smooth but the timing was not. Esheep has brought back the “last attempt of the night” in style. After several near-kills over the course of the fight, we were feeling discouraged; 2%, 3%, 6%, 5% attempts …it seemed like Archimonde was just a smidge out of reach. We obviously had the dps and strategy required to get the fight down but things simply were not coming together. As we came into the final stretch of the fight on our last attempt, P3 seemed to be going *too* well–suspiciously well. Alayne recalled another blue-hued end-tier boss and knew what had to be done. He hurled himself heroically from the platform, signaling the team to surge forth and defeat Archimonde. Success!

With the support of our entire raid team, Enchantrix was awarded the first mount for his enormous, unsung, contributions to the guild. We are so happy to be able to gift the mount to him. There couldn’t be a worthier  winner! Next week, we’re back to free roll.



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Mannoroth Dead!

The end of HFC is just full of these  long slogs, eh? And let me tell you, someone REALLY didn’t want for us to get Mannoroth. We lost two raids in a row to power outtages –seriously. This was the final raid we’ve got before the holiday season where our raid schedule becomes patchy. It’s fantastic that we could wish everyone off for the year with a Mannoroth kill.

Onward to Archimonde!

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